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McCurdy Plantation Horses

Standing at Stud in 2023- Tug Slater


At two years old this May, Tug measures 15.3 hands. He is going to be a big boy!
Tug has extremely rare color genetics: EE, AA, RnRn. That's triple homozygous! This means he will 100% throw a bay roan to ANY color of mare that is not a buckskin, palomino, perlino or cremello. The cream gene in those colors may/would create a buckskin roan. 
But he's not just about color. With Debo (Roan Lights McCurdy) as his sire and Movie Star as his dam, his pedigree is outstanding.
His temperament is easy-going, friendly, kind, smart and loveable. He is a true gentleman while covering his mares. 

Babies for Sale

We have two McCurdy bred colts that were born in May. They are pending color genetics testing. Current pricing is at $7500 each. 

Sapphire Lightning is by Roan Lights McCurdy (Debo) and out of Hank's Cajun Sugar. He was born black and he must be a roan since Debo is homozygous for roan. He is shedding out his baby hair and he's starting to look brown so we're not 100% on his color either bay or blue roan. He is very friendly and handsome. 

Diesel is by Little John Lester and out of pedigree registered McCurdy's Baby Blue. She is an absolutely stunning mare. He was born brown and he still has his baby hair. He must be a roan as well. He is super leggy and upright, he will be a real showstopper. 

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