The McCurdy Plantation Horse

Our Stallion

Tug Slater

We are extremely excited to bring to the public our line of McCurdy Plantation Horses! Our upcoming stud, Tug Slater, will feature as a premiere Foundation Stallion in a newfound line of Tennessee Walking Horses. 

Meet Tug! He is our future Foundation McCurdy Stud. Sure, it will be a couple or 3 years to start producing, but it will certainly be worth the wait!

Tug's color testing shows he is triple homozygous for black, agouti and roan genes. What does this mean? Every baby will be a Bay (black + agouti) Roan. Or if the foal acquires a cream gene (from a cremello, perlino, buckskin or palomino), it would be a buckskin roan. 

Tug's sire is Roan Lights McCurdy (below), owned by Larry Sparks in Loudon, TN.

Tug's sire

      Roan Lights McCurdy

aka "Debo"

Owned by Larry Sparks of

Loudon, TN

Our Mares

Ole Blue's Spitfire, "Dixie"


"Dixie" is currently in foal to Tug's sire, Roan Lights McCurdy, owned by Larry Sparks. She is due at the end of August, 2022 and will produce a bay roan or blue roan foal.

Hank's Cajun Sugar

Sugar will be bred to Roan Lights McCurdy in spring 2022.