No old school here. Susan is both talented and educated.



Teaching Both Horse and Human-

  • Susan will teach you how she has trained the horse, for continued success at home.

  • Monthly training comes with 4 hours of FREE lessons.


Natural Horsemanship Training- 

  • Begins on the ground, to establish precision communication and a close relationship before we saddle up.

  • Achieves motivational conditioning with positive reinforcement.

Behavioral Problems-

  • Stubborn horse? It is likely, you just don't understand each other. I will teach you and the horse our highly effective communication methods.

  • Make the horse comfortable doing what you want, and uncomfortable doing what you don't want.


Gaited Horse Training-

  • Susan will explain the special gaits clearly in a unique way that is easy to understand.           

  • Easily learn to identify the different gaits by how they look, sound and feel.

  • Learn techniques to manipulate the gaits to how you want them to be for a super-smooth glide tide.

All Breeds Welcome-

  • Prepare your horse for show, trail, or pleasure 

  • English, Western or Plantation



Per hour-                                                          $45

1 Month Full Board with Training-          $1200

1 Month Pasture Board with Training-   $1000


Stall Board- 

  • Daily turnout
  • Versa-Grid Stall floors for drainage and stability
  • Spacious tack room
  • Grain choices fed twice daily-
    • Pinnacle 1400 (similar to Strategy)   
    • Pinnacle Kalm & EZ
    • BYO feed at your cost.  
  • Hay fed daily in stalls and in pasture seasonally
  • Automatic waterers in pastures 

Pasture Board-

  • Spacious tack room

  • Hay fed seasonally




Full Board per month-                                 $550

Pasture Board per month-                          $350




Bring your dreams and your goals-

  • We offer a wide variety of disciplines, with emphasis on safe control. 

  • You will learn confident riding skills in a short matter of time.

  • Beginners or seasoned riders, all ages welcome.

Learn from a Seasoned Professional

  • Certified instructor in English, Western, & Trail Guide.

  • See "about us" for more info.


Understand how horses think- 

  • Earn their respect and cooperation through effective leadership skills.

  • Learn how they communicate with their body language.

  • Discover ways to make them feel good as a means of positive reinforcement when they perform correctly.

Pursuing Horse Ownership-

  • Learn everything you need to know to own your own horse.

  • Get help in finding the right horse for you.

  • Enjoy the journey with help along the way.



Private Lessons, per hour-                             $45



Choose from Gaited, Natural Horsemanship or

Behavioral Problems- 

  • See descriptions in Training Section above
  • 5-hour clinic with your horse
  • Minimum 5 attendees, maximum 8
  • BYO lunch and beverages



Attendee-                                                       $75

Audit-                                                              $10